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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tutu Excited to See Justin Bieber!!

Brynne will be wearing this outfit tonight when we see Justin Bieber in concert in Kansas City! Aunt Krissi got us tickets, so it will be a girl's night with Kyndal and my niece, Rylee, on the 7th row and Krissi, Brynne and I further back on the floor.

Would you like to make a tutu for your little one? Believe me it was easy and cheap! I spent $6.00 and two hours of my time. Brynne said, "It's so beautiful!"

I got my basic instructions from this month's issue of Family Fun magazine. Here's how you do it!

1. Purchase two yards of each color of tulle you want to use. I wanted green and blue, so bought two yards of each.

2. Cut the tulle into 2" x 12" strips.

3. Measure your child's waist with a piece of elastic and tie it into a circle. This will be the waist band of the tutu. Then slip it around a 3-ring binder to hold it steady while you tie on the tulle.

4. Then choose your pattern and start double knotting tulle pieces on the elastic. I used two strips at a time, so as to make it fuller (so two strips of green tied on, then two strips of blue tied on, etc.)

Hopefully you can see here that you double knot the tulle at the half-way point of your tulle strip, around the elastic, not at the end of the tulle strip. Did that make any sense at all?

I did half of it with an alternating green/blue pattern. At that point, though, I decided I wanted more blue in it than green, so I went back and added more blue so my pattern ended up being green/blue/blue. It gave it some extra pop!

5. Go all the way around the elastic and you're done.

Super easy!!!!

If you are making it for an older girl, and want the skirt length to be longer than 6", then cut your tulle strips into 2" by 24" instead and it will end up being 12" long. You'll probably have to buy 4 yards of each color, though.


  1. Cute have a blast! :) my youngest use to be bieber crazy now she is big time rush crazy!

  2. Super cute Nicole! Caroline has that same shirt! I may have to go buy some toole now and make her a tutu skirt!

  3. That tutu is super-adorable! It just gave me an idea to use that technique for a Tinker Bell costume for Halloween.

  4. So adorable. Miss reading your blog, but hoping to get back to things here in a couple of weeks. School starts for us Aug 17th.
    Hope you had a great time at the concert. :)

  5. so how was he?
    he was hanging out or shopping downtown with his giant burly boyguards so you couldlnt' really see him but it was him i know those hoodies anywhere :) they are all over my girls walls :)

  6. That is SOOOOOO cute!! I know she is thrilled!!


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