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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday ~ A Couple of 'Em

I think we have established in at least 296 posts that I love my porches and patio furniture and stuff. What I don't like is when the "wind comes sweeping down the plain" here in Oklahoma and blows my decorative pillows and such into the next yard.

This was taken pre-flower planting.

So, what do you do?

If you purchase outdoor pillows with zippers in the bottom (which I recommend so you can wash them and/or restuff them), put a large rock in it and zip it up. Then it sits perfectly still.

A second thing that Works for Me, which is completely unrelated to the pillow issue, is this ...

These are "easy meals on the go". And, if you are a mom with kids, especially in the summer, you are on-the-go regularly during some type of mealtime.

This makes taking food in the car easy and less messy. I have different containers for different kinds of meals. But, this container works well for an easy lunch. One of the cups holding goldfish is a condiment bowl purchased at Walmart (I originally bought them for use with applesauce and yogurt and pudding, because when my kiddos were little they couldn't finish a full cup of it on their own. This allowed them to share one cup, but feel like they had their own. We always have to keep things the same with our two.) The other one is a reused applesauce cup.

These allow the kids to eat when they are ready (just pop off the lid). And, they can hold it securely in their laps with minimal trash. When they are done they just hand it back, I pop the lid back on, and put it in my bag.

You can see other "Works for Me Wednesday" ideas here. This week they are talking about recipes, so I guess this could work in that category.


  1. great ideas!

    love the easy lunch on the go it makes not stopping for junk food alot more easy :)

  2. I love your meals on the go idea! I just may have to steal that idea!


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