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Friday, July 9, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Cleans Out His Own Closet

I'd show you my closet, but **GAG** !!!

Rick and I don't share closets. You're welcome, honey! He has often said, "I don't know how you live like this." Another endearing quality of mine. There have been times in our past when we shared a closet and he had to lean over my piles of shoes to even reach his clothes hanging on the hangers.

I have a theory about closets and a person's personality. Like for me, my house typically looks very orderly with everything in its place. However, if you open any closet (other than Rick's) or a cabinet door, you should take a quick two paces backwards so that the contents of it do not fall out on you. Same with me as a person. On the outside I appear to be all together. But, when you open me up I vomit my junk all over you.

Rick's closet is orderly and organized on its absolute worse day. And so is he.

On Monday afternoon, his day off for the 4th holiday, I lost him. And then I found him loading this industrial size trash bag with the majority of the contents of his closet.

And then his closet looked like this.

Honestly, his closet didn't look a whole lot worse than this when he started ... just more full. We'll be donating that bag of clothes to the next organization that calls for donations.

Again, I won't be showing you what my closet looks like. And it's in pretty good shape right now.

I love that if I need to feel order in my life I can always step into Rick's closet and feel some!

Rick Rocks ~ Because he cleans out his own closet!


  1. You sound just like me. I call myself a "wanna be". I love organization and I appear to be organized but really, I'm a stuffer!! Out of sight, out of mind. I'm just thinking at least we're not in denial about it!
    Just want you to know I really enjoy your blog. I don't comment very often, but I read everyday. I keep thinking one of these days I'm gonna start blogging but I just keep putting it off. I think I have to know everything about it first. Anyway, thanks for giving me a little something to look forward to everyday!
    Christie Ulrich

  2. Christie ... thanks for the comment! You and I may be alike in LOTS of ways! I appreciate you reading my blog every day. Sometimes I wonder why I do it, except to fill my narcissistic need to talk about myself. It makes me smile that someone might actually look forward to reading it. Have a great weekend!

  3. Girl, are you my sister? LOL! Exact same thing at our house! Tab gets so frustrated with my closet! I've been working on getting it cleaned up for about a month now! HA! I already have 3 bags for donation. On another note...what does Kyndal's closet look like? Caroline's...just like mine! It drives Tab nuts!

  4. I'm so strange. I can stand clutter around the house for a little while, but behind every door...organization. My closets are cleaner and neater than the rest of my home. It's the first thing I do when I start cleaning. I love to clean out a closet!


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