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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's Courteous

Do nothing out of selfish ambition, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.

~ Philippians 2:3

This is a characteristic that I am really working on with our children.

In Rick's relationship with me, he lives this verse. I believe he is the best example to our children of being Courteous, at least to his spouse. There is no doubt that Dawson and Eli are getting an example of how they should treat their wives someday. And I hope that the girls see how Rick treats me and have a desire to not settle for anything less in a husband.

I know that Rick will read this and say that he is selfish, and that he does many things out of selfishness. {Like playing so much golf.} But, I want him to know that I don't think that or feel that way. He is always considerate of me and my schedule first, making sure he is not needed or wanted for anything before he plays. Especially during a time in his career where things are not good and where he is feeling out of control, I know that golf is what keeps him sane. And, he also enjoys it (most times.) I want that for him.

I never feel second place to anything.

Even last night, when I was tired from my nighttime bedtime routine he asked me how he could help to make it easier for me.

He truly is always thinking of me. And although I am stubborn and a control freak and wouldn't dream of giving up any of my responsibilities, I appreciate that he cares enough to ask.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he is Courteous.

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  1. Every since your post on being courteous, I have been working on that with my boys and making sure I'm modeling that daily. I need to get back t o doing these MHR posts!


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