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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Broken and Bruised

** Update: I got a call from Kyndal's doctor today. Her x-ray came back showing a possible fracture or other issue in her C1/C2 and they recommended a CT scan of it. Her doctor said to cancel the appointment we have with the osteopathic physician because no one can touch her back until she sees a back surgeon. It's possible it will end up not being anything serious, but just in case she has restricted her to no activity beyond walking until we see the surgeon. Oh dear.

Yesterday I took Kyndal to the doctor to have her back x-rayed as a result of her car accident on May 3rd.

She has been having a great deal of pain located on her upper spine. Within seconds of touching her shoulders and back, her doctor told her that she has severe whiplash. She explained to us that your back is naturally curved when looking at it from the side view. Kyndal has been having severe muscle spasms around her spine for almost two months that have caused her spine, especially in her neck, to straighten out stiff. She said her situation is "chronic" and she will need treatment, at least for the next month or so.

She put her on a high dosage anti-inflammatory for the next 20 days and referred us to an osteopathic physician who specializes in musculoskeletal disorders. Hopefully this is as serious as it is and can be taken care of with a couple of months of treatment, but I guess we will see.

Here's the weird thing.

Last September Kyndal had been complaining of this bump on her inner left knee. It was very painful to the touch. While we were getting Brynne's school shots, our doctor looked at her knee. It was very sharp and pointy, so she sent her down for an x-ray. We never got the results from it, and never received a bill even. I called the office a couple of times to check on it but never got a call back. Time just went on and we just quit calling, I guess. While we were there yesterday I asked about it. Her doctor didn't have the report in her file at all. She told me to ask about it when we had her back x-rayed.

When we got home yesterday I got a call from her doctor. She wants us to have the knee x-rayed again because, apparently, back in September the x-ray showed some kind of fracture in Kyndal's knee!

And all this time we thought she was being a hypocrondriac!

I guess not.


  1. oh no I'll pray its nothing serious! I hope she gets well and better real soon!

  2. Poor Kyndal! I hope she heals quickly!

  3. OMG! Poor Kyndal! Sending prayers your way girl!

  4. Oh no! I will certainly pray for her. Bless her heart!


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