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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Sea of Love

We've definitely been to some Fantasy Islands this week, but tonight is the night the ship becomes The Love Boat.

Kauai ... another Fantasy Island!

This is the day and night of our cruise that I always look forward to the most. Today we are on Kauai and will spend a portion of the day doing some sightseeing. But tomorrow, since we are only on the island for part of the day, we will stay on the ship and relax and get some rest. Knowing that we really have nothing to do tomorrow makes tonight a night that we can get a little more wild!

Cruises are busy, especially when you see a different island every day. It's easy to get so caught up in the beauty around you that you forget to concentrate on the beauty you brought with you ... your spouse! We have had an amazing time together, experiencing all the Hawaiian Islands have had to offer. But, today and tonight, it's all about us and only us!

Today we plan to have a couple's massage later in the afternoon, and a romantic dinner tonight. We'll dress all sexy for each other and then go to a nightclub for some dancing and cocktails.

I am an early to rise/earlier to bed kind of girl, even on vacation. But, this is the one night I will party with my man showing him how attracted I am to him! It's a night of rejuvenation and fun! It's a night where we know, without a doubt, that we were created just for each other. I'd be lying if I said we didn't party it up a little. Because, we tend to. But, that's okay. We're not huge partiers, typically, so we give ourselves this one night to just let loose! And it's so fun!

On the last cruise we did this, my sweet husband got up early the next morning to let me get some extra sleep and he brought me back some coffee and breakfast. Then we had a relaxing day at the pool.

It's a perfect way to end a fun and busy vacation!

I am very excited!

If you ever get the opportunity to do this .. do this!


  1. looks like a great time can't wait to see more pictures when you get back.

    i didn't know you went private i was like hey i haven't read anything from nicole in ages. clicked and it said invited readers. duh shannon that is why!

    have a AWESOME time


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