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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Unsolicited Reviews

I have been invited to do book reviews in the past. But, my history with reading is this: I get in the mood and read several novels in a row, non-stop, ignoring all else in my life. Then one day I'm not in the mood to read anymore and it might be months or longer before I get back in the mood. So, that doesn't work too good when you are asked to review a new book. So I have declined the invites.

Well, I've been in the mood to read. In three weeks I have read three novels. One was okay, but two I have read have been excellent and worthy of recommendation!

I have read every one of Kristin Hannah's books. I love her style of writing and the women she writes about. This book was completely different from her norm! It still had the deep female characters I love. But, it had a flavor of historical fiction thrown in, chronicling the maniacal undertakings of Stalin in World War II. I completely recommend this book. I cried in the end, on the airplane home from Hawaii. Great book!

This is Anna Quindlen's brand new book. I haven't read any of her books before, although I have another one ready to read. Her style of writing is completely different, all in 1st person with mostly narrative instead of dialogue. At first I didn't like it. But before I knew it I was reading away and finished the book in two days. I could completely relate with the main character, Mary Beth and actually learned something from her every day life and the tragedy that takes place in it. Another very good book!

I'm also not one to sit and watch movies. We rent them all the time and I never get around to watching them. And I always think I want to go to the movies to see something, and then never get around to it. (Are you getting the idea, yet, that I have a hard time sitting still?)

But, in the last week we have seen two movies that have also been excellent and worthy of recommendation!

First of all grab your tissue box before you sit down to watch this one! It is based on a true story and actually occurred in Japan in 1925. If you have a beloved bigger dog, like we do in Crusoe, this movie will affect you in some profound ways. When it was over we were all tear-streaked and hugging all over Crusoe. I think you prepare yourself somewhat for one of your pets passing. But, have you ever thought about what your pet goes through if you, his master and best friend, dies? Wonderful movie for the whole family, if you can stand the sadness.

And I already mentioned in my Father's Day post how good this movie is. The Pixar group has done it again. After some flops, in my opinion, with Wall-E and Ratitoulle, they came back to what works and made it work again ... with Andy, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of the gang. It was an emotional ride and had Rick and I in tears (and really wanting to sob outloud)! Was it because we were sentimental about Andy growing up? Or are we really so attached to the toys that it broke our hearts to see them given away by Andy to another child (although the child really was lovely). Again, I think it made us stop and consider what our beloved toys go through when we move along in our lives without them. Yeah, I know, I know, they are inanimate objects with no feelings. But, are they????

Have you read any recommendation-worthy books this summer, or seen any movies we shouldn't miss?


  1. MOVIE: Alice In Wonderland (tim burtons)

    BOOKS: Beaded Hope


    Unspeakable Journey by Rind Hahn

  2. Boy you hit the nail on the head when you described Hachi. We had actually watched it this weekend prior to reading your take on it. I haven't "bellered and bawled" like that since Old Yellar. It was for certain a three kleenex box movie.


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