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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Take Time to Relax ~ Hawaii Day 6

Our time on the cruise ship was coming to a close. In fact, it was our last day. We were still in Kauai, and were leaving port at 2:00 p.m.

Rick and I got up that morning and ate breakfast. But, instead of running on the ship we decided to walk back to Kalapaki Beach and walk around the Marriott. It was a nice walk, and the hotel was exquisite! If we ever come back to Hawaii, we will fly straight to Kauai, stay at this hotel and explore the island. Absolutely gorgeous!

We boarded the ship and had some lunch. Then I went to the pool to lay out and Rick went back to the room and watched a movie.

Then we went for our one hour massages. This was the first time I had ever had a real therapeutic spa massage. It was amazing!

After getting so relaxed, we had no choice but to head back to a pool chair. The problem was that they were all taken! We did finally find a couple on the top level, in the shade, facing Kauai. Oh, poor us! We just had the perfect spot to view the Na'Pali Coast as we went by it!!!

That's my foot.

The Na'Pali Coast can only be viewed by air or sea, or you can walk the miles and miles of trails to get to it. It is stunning!

This huge group of people had come to this secluded area by boats and were camping in this cave-like area on the beach. Doesn't that look fun?? Makes camping and canoeing at some Missouri river seem pitiful!

We went to the Aloha Cafe for a casual dinner. And here is an ironic story. As we were eating, an older gentleman walked by wearing a golf shirt with the logo from our local golf club. Rick golfs there often. We stopped the man and realized that he is the father of a couple our age who we know very well! We used to go to church with them and have been to their house a couple of times. Kyndal cheered competitively with his grand-daughter when she was younger. They were also with this man's brother and sister-in-law, and Kyndal is in the same grade as one of their grandsons, and we have known them since they were little. Isn't that funny?? Small world! This also happened to us a few years ago when we took our older two on a cruise. We were on a beach in Grand Cayman and someone yelled Kyndal's name. It was the secretary from her school who was on a cruise on another cruiseline. Crazy!

After all of this, we went back to the room. I crawled in bed and Rick packed up our room. You might think it rude of me to relax while he did all the work. But, honestly, it's one of his favorite things to do ... get us organized and packed. He is an engineer. Packing, for him, is a science. (And rightfully so since our suitcases were exactly the weight limit when we got to the airport.) You should see how I pack!

Other than breakfast and disembarkment the next morning, this concluded our cruise of the Hawaiian Islands.

But, we still had a day and a half in Honolulu.

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