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Friday, June 25, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Continues to Build His Portfolio

When we first got married, Rick decided that he wanted to get his Oklahoma PE (Professional Engineer) Stamp before we started having anymore children.

First he had to take and pass a preliminary exam. Then he started studying for the PE and he studied for several, several months. It reminded me of when I took the Bar Exam. It was no easy task.

Of course, he passed and got his Oklahoma PE. That's a big deal for an engineer! I was so proud of him!

While we were on vacation he received notification that he received his Texas PE stamp. Again, awesome!!!

Some states will not allow you to get your PE in their state unless you have taken certain classes in college, which is ludicrous! Rick has years of hands-on experience that no class can possibly teach. He has been very frustrated by that. So, he was so happy to get his Texas stamp and is going to work to get more states, I believe.

It only makes him more marketable in the engineering field. This is not only a benefit to him or whatever company he is working for, but is a benefit to our family as well. And I appreciate his hard work!

Congratulations babe!!!

Rick Rocks ~ Because he continues to build his portfolio!

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