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Monday, June 7, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ Cruise Style

Well, we are on board the Pride of America, and have been since Saturday. My plan is to eat as much as possible.

Here's a sample of what we're having ...

Monday ~ Chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail, Caprese salad, Broiled Atlantic salmon with broiled potatoes and grilled asparagus, Creme brulee.

Tuesday ~ Baked french onion soup, Classic Caesar salad, Herb marinated grilled chicken breast with red bliss mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, honey glazed carrots, Apple pie ala mode.

Wednesday ~ Yep, I'm F(ending) F(or) M(yself)! Perhaps it's a burger, fries and ice cream cone next to the pool.

Thursday ~ Antipasti platter, Creamy lobster bisque, Grilled New York sirloin steak with loaded baked potato, carmelized shallots and tender green beans, Chocolate souffle.

Friday ~ Perhaps tonight we'll celebrate with a private dinner at one of the specialty restaurants .. maybe Japanese or Italian?

Saturday ~ A traditional Hawaiian buffet at Paradise Cove Luau in Honolulu.

Sunday ~ Probably McDonald's at the airport in preparation for our overnight flight back to the States. After all this fru-fru food, it's time for some grease! A Big Mac will never taste so good!

** Of course, these menu ideas are just a guess, and just a fraction of all the eating we are doing this week!


  1. wow no wonder you went a crash cruise diet before hand my inlaws gained like 5 lbs in a week eating all the yummy cruise food

    they said alaska cruise is the best. you'll have to remember that one for next time maybe. they loved the whale watching. I would LOVE to see whales maybe that would be a cool family cruise. ok babbling be quiet shannon! :)


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