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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... Super sunny and, I suspect, hot! Had a good soaking rain on Sunday and yesterday was a tad cooler.

I am thinking... about Dawson's school year coming up and the plans for it.

I am thankful ... that I am given the opportunity to be home with my children in the summer (and at all times) to watch them grow and learn and have fun.

I am wearing... my pjs still. I didn't get in my run this morning because I have pulled my neck and upper back somehow so I didn't want to aggravate it.

I am wondering... what will become of Rick's department at work if business doesn't pick up. I'm not worried, really, just wondering what the future holds.

I am creating... balloon flip flops for Brynne and a shadow box of Rick's OSU stuff (still) and now adding a redo of my bedroom sitting bench to my list. Hoping to work on some of it today.

I am going... to try to clean my floors today, finish the laundry and clean the bathrooms.

I am reading... Rise and Shine by Anna Quindlen.

I am hoping... that the pain in Kyndal's back is something minor.

On my mind... is unfinished projects and housework. I really need to get on top of things so I can feel like I can relax!

From the learning rooms... emphasis on being Courteous and continuing responsibility of morning chores.

Noticing that ... Dawson is such an awesome kid when he decides to be helpful, do what he's supposed to do and be responsible. Yesterday was a great day with him!

From the kitchen... I smell my real Kona coffee.

Around the house... house cleaning just needs to be done. Summer means fun activities which means I'm not here to do my housework and it gets dirty fast!

One of my favorite things... is the quiet of the morning from the time I get back from my run to when the first person gets up.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today I have to take Kyndal to the doctor to have her back x-rayed. She's been having a lot of pain in one of her vertebrae and we are worried it's injured from her car accident last month. Then we are stopping by Lowe's to pick up a refrigerator box so the kids can make a space ship to play in. On Thursday Kyndal has an orthodondist appointment. On Friday we will go to Big Splash. We don't have any plans for Saturday, yet, but on Sunday we are celebrating the 4th by going to a pool party at one of our neighbors'.

From my picture journal.

Our little babies {Quincy, Buck and Chloe} trapped in their new fenced yard, on a hot summer day (thus the tongues wagging). I was tending to my garden, and they wanted me!

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  1. HOpe Kyndal's back is better soon and its nothing to serious. i bet it is the accident.

    Hope your neck and back are better soon too

    OH please post what they do with the box! How much fun! i might have to call my lowes and see if they have one since hubby is going there tonight with his truck he could pick it up for us :)

  2. See, Quincy is smiling at you.

  3. The refrigerator box spaceship sounds awesome! Great idea!
    I hope your neck feels better soon. Off to check your update on Kyndal.


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