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Monday, May 3, 2010

An Unexpected Call ~ An Interrupted Day

I know you may be anxiously awaiting my menu plan for this week! But, blogging will have a to wait a bit.

We were gone all weekend and didn't get home until 11 p.m. This morning the back of my car was still full of our suitcases and it was a disaster. I was up early sweeping and vacuuming and had a day of housecleaning planned.

I took Eli to school and came home and fed the puppies.

We were on our way out to potty (them, not me) when the phone rang. And, this is what I heard:
"Mom, I've been in a car accident with Driver's Ed."

My daughter, Kyndal, was driving this morning and was T-boned by a semi truck pulling a flatbed trailer. He had run a stop sign and hit her car on the passenger side. Both airbags deployed. Kyndal was not seriously injured, but was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Her instructor received multiple lacerations. When I got to the hospital they were taking him out of the ambulance and he was covered in blood. Apparently he had a lot of glass in his face. His right arm was badly cut. The boy in the backseat was not injured.

Kyndal had a CT scan and x-rays and everything checked out fine. The worst part was that she couldn't remember anything, and even had a lot of confusion about events that had happened two weeks ago. She didn't remember anything about today or this past weekend. For several hours I answered the same ten questions over and over, and just a few seconds later she would ask me again. Have you seen the movie "50 First Dates"? She reminds me of Lucy, with me explaining things to her over and over and her forgetting seconds later.

Anyway, she is going to be fine. Her memory is coming back, she's eating and resting well. Her instructor is going to be fine, too.

Her mama, on the other hand, may not be okay.

We'll catch up soon.


  1. Wow! Interrupted indeed. Glad she's starting to be all right, hope she's completely back to normal soon. So scary!

  2. Oh Nicole! I am so sorry. . . my heart sank when I read this. I'm sure yours did as well when you got that call.

    You and Kyndal (and the rest of the gang) are in my prayers!

    Love ya!

  3. Nicole! How scary! Brynne came in to class the afternoon and told me about Kyndal. I wanted to call you right away and make sure she was okay! I'm so glad you posted. I'm so glad everyone is okay! I'm so glad I got to spend the afternoon with your youngest baby. Breathe, I can't even imagine, but breathe! See ya soon! ~Amy

  4. Oh no Nicole! That is awful! I will pray for her now! God is our great physician!

  5. Oh my goodness! Nicole that is terrible! You are all in my prayers! Car accidents are scary enough but not being there would be terrible! I hope everyone recovers well!

  6. It's times like this that make all of us feel so very blessed that everyone made it out as good as they did. Even though this wasn't Kyndal's fault, it will make her a very cautious driver the rest of her life!

    Springfield Pal

  7. So glad everyone is going to be ok. Praise God!

  8. How scary! I'm so glad she is ok. I'm praying for God to give you "peace that passes understanding".

  9. Thank the good Lord she is ok. God was watching over her!! Prayers to you for your emotional state with this. I know I would be a nervous wreck, I'm sure you were too. Love to ya!!

  10. So glad she's not hurt! I'm sending hugs your way!

  11. Thank God she is okay! I'm so glad she wasn't hurt. How scary! Sending lots of love your way.

  12. Oh my Gosh Nicole!! I am so sorry to hear about Kyndal's accident. And I am so glad no one was seriously hurt. I know that had to be unbelievably scary for everyone! Big hugs to you all.


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