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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

Eli and Brynne have been blessed to have the greatest teachers this year! Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I always try to have the kids do something for their teacher every day of the week.

On Monday each of the kids took "My Teacher Rocks" cut out guitars (sent home by the school) to their teachers.

On Tuesday we made these. They said "You deserve a hand for being such a Great Teacher!" and Eli and Brynne's handprints were attached to hand lotion.

On Wednesday Brynne wore her homemade "I love my teachers" t-shirt. Eli grew out of his, so he just wore his teacher's favorite color (as the kids were asked to do).

On Thursday the kids wore crazy hats for "I'm Crazy about my teacher" and took their teachers' favorite drinks with a tag attached that said, "Thank you for quenching my thirst to learn."

On Friday the kids gave these to their teachers. The envelopes contained tokens to our local car wash.

Eli and Brynne love their teachers! It's been such a fabulous year!


  1. It sounds like they're great teachers! You really spoiled them!

  2. I loved getting Eli's gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week...but getting to be with him each day is the only gift I need!!! I will sure miss him over the summer, but happy I will still see him every day during 1st grade : )
    Mrs. Sansone


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