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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May Baskets

Do you remember the days of May Baskets? Did you ever get one as a kid? I can remember neighbor kids getting them hung on their doors by their friends. But, I never got one. And I thought back then that I would definitely have my kids do May Day Baskets for their friends.

And I've yet to do it.

Until this year.

Victoria Magazine has this to say about the tradition of May Day and May Baskets:

"The tradition of May Day begins with a basket or container brimming with flowers and small gifts. The May Day basket is quietly and secretly placed on the doorstep of a neighbor or loved one, demonstrating the gift of giving without receiving. Children and adults alike can participate in the joy of the holiday by making a special basket for a friend."

Here are a few cute May Basket ideas I found:

My plan was to have my two little ones prepare traditional May Baskets and hang them on the doors of their neighborhood friends. We were going to deliver them the evening of April 30th. I was excited to have them hang the baskets, ring the doorbell and run back to the car before they were caught.

And then we had a crazy week and I realized the morning of April 30th that it actually was April 30th and we were leaving that afternoon to go to Missouri for the weekend. Gads. So, I threw them together and delivered them myself in the early afternoon.

So, the kids didn't get to join in on the fun .. but their friends got a fun surprise treat.

Here's how ours turned out. They were filled with candy bars, suckers and gum.

Next year I'll be more organized and actually do what the May Baskets were intended to do and teach my kids the simple gift of giving.


  1. Your little baskets turned out cute! Yes, I remember May baskets and a May pole with ribbons growing up. What happened to this tradition?

  2. I love this tradition, but I've never heard of it in this area!
    Your baskets are adorable!


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