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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... it's sunny and steamy hot!

I am thinking... about how tired I am right now. It's 11:00 a.m. and I have already taken Kyndal to take her driver's permit test in a nearby town, come home to find a sick puppy, and taken the puppy (with Brynne and my neighbor) to the vet in a nearby town in the opposite direction.

I am thankful ... that Quincy only has a bacterial infection of some kind and is not more seriously ill. It's amazing how much we can love our pets in such a short period of time!

I am wearing... a black and white #12 t-shirt, long black sweat shorts and my black and silver tennis shoes.

I am remembering... that I now have a child who can drive ~ legally!

I am creating... the beginning packing lists for our vacation.

I am going... to chill for a few minutes, take Brynne to school, come back and pick up the house, go tan, take Dawson his Science book, pick Kyndal up from school and take her to the Tag Agency to get her permit license, stop by the store, come home and take care of my sick puppy, fix dinner and then CRASH to watch the finale of The Biggest Loser.

I am reading... Nothing for now, other than a magazine article here and there.

I am hoping... that I can hold it together today without getting so tired that I start to blow up at everybody all evening.

On my mind... is how badly I need a vacation!

From the learning rooms... the last two days of school for this year.

Noticing that ... my garden has lots of tomatoes and three green peppers, and how yummy my fresh container herbs taste in our food!

From the kitchen... we are really trying to stay on top of what we eat.

Around the house... are beds unmade and lots of little morning messes I need to get picked up.

One of my favorite things... is watering and nurturing my flowers and gardens.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today is crazy, as you saw above! Tomorrow I am taking Dawson out of school for lunch (for the last day of school), then going to Brynne's end-of-the-school-year program. On Thursday Kyndal has an early morning ortho appointment and then I'm taking her to a friend's to babysit. Then it's home for the official first day of summer! The older kids are leaving for the weekend, so we'll just hang out with the little guys. I am so looking forward to a weekend with nothing to do!

From my picture journal.

Brynne on the tree swing her daddy made her. She loves it!

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  1. congrats to Kyndal for getting her permit :)

    I bet Dawson is over the moon that his public school days are over :)

    LOVE that SWING!!! Its AWESOME!!!!


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