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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wreck Update

First of all, THANK YOU to all of you who commented or e-mailed me about Kyndal. I truly appreciate your concern, well wishes and prayers.

Kyndal is doing well and went back to school today. She still has a bump on her head and stiffness, her left shoulder is very sore and her right leg is hurting. The best we can tell, from piecing things together, is that her instructor reached over and grabbed the steering wheel when they were hit and he either took the blow from her airbag and hit her head with a part of his body or she turned her head far to the left and the airbag hit the side of her head.

Her instructor had 30 stitches in his right arm and both shoulders are extremely sore. But, he is going to be okay. In my opinion, he was a hero to these kids, sacrificing his own well-being for the benefit of the kids. We are grateful to him.

Kyndal still does not remember much from the entire day Monday. She only remembers borrowing my makeup Monday morning, and then the next thing she remembers is hearing her teacher moan as they were being hit. She remembers the boy in the back talking once the wreck was over, then remembers a girl with a side pony tail hugging her and telling her it was going to be okay. The next memory is of me being with her in the hospital. That's about it.

Here is a picture of their car, and the truck that hit them. We are grateful that they were not hurt worse than they were, or even killed. (Unfortunately the pictures are thumbnail size. When I tried to resize them they were blurry. But, you get the idea ... smashed little car... huge truck.)

Again, thank you for all your prayers and concerns.


  1. I am reading about this for the first time. Oh Nicole I am so glad she is ok. What a tramatic experience for you all. Her guardian angel was watching close over her. I will pray for a quick recovery.

  2. I am glad she is doing better today. That is so scary especially for a new driver!

  3. Glad she is able to go back to school. I can imagine what a traumatic experience for you all. Praise God she and everyone else is going to be okay!

  4. Wow, scary! So glad she is Ok.

  5. Poor Kyndal. I'm so glad she's doing well, and that it wasn't more serious. My nephew was in a horrible car accident in 2002, and the only thing he remembers of that day was eating breakfast and then waking up in the life flight. I can't even imagine how traumatic this has to be for her. Praise God that she's okay!


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