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Sunday, May 30, 2010

What Would You Do?

How would you react if you had a neighbor whose backyard was next to yours, who routinely had parties in their pool and talked about you (meanly) with their friends? Our one set of neighbors play loud music, talk loud and it travels up the hill where we can hear it very clearly. And they are very specifically talking about me and my kids ... saying they can't stand us, mocking us, making fun of and laughing at us.

Would you just ignore them? or say something?

We just ignore them. But, I was just wondering what you would do.


  1. i would ignore them in this world now in days you don't know how people will react when confronted plus you have to live next to them and see them daily! plus your being the bigger person!

    sorry you have to live next to people like that!

  2. That is a tough one! I would ignore them as much as possible and be the better person. Now if they throw a party and are loud at 2am, I would call the police. But be the better person in this situation. Good for you guys!

  3. I think you are doing to right thing. Our flesh would make you want to do other wise but you are setting a good example for your kids. Hopefully I would do the same. I am working on not being so hot tempered.

  4. I understand all of these responses but I know that I would absolutely ring their door (NOT during a party) and open up the conversation by apologizing for whatever me and my family had done (in an effort to open their eyes and HOPEFULLY shame them). I might not do this if I were planning to move but I would certainly do my best to lighten things up (especially for the smaller children). I choose to "nip things" in the bud when I can and unless I feared these folks, I'd have to act.

    Springfield Pal

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  6. I'm so sorry that you have obnoxious neighbors. If it were me, I would do my best to just ignore them.

  7. I would say, ignore them too. I know it will be tough. Someone called Cameron a "dork" in front of the whole class Friday. Of course, he didn't like it. His teacher actually told him he should do it back. I was so proud he took the higher road and chose not to do it back.

  8. Oh my...I would SO ignore them Nicole! As hard as it may be, try to be bigger and better than them.


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