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Friday, May 7, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's MY Rock

Rick is always here for me, during the good times and bad.

A Rock is solid, unmoveable (when it's big enough), tough.

On Monday when Kyndal called, I was able to call him at work and he was home immediately. I had Brynne and my neighbor and was needing to go to Kyndal. He could have stayed home with them, but he offered to take them and meet me at the hospital. I didn't think I needed him. But, I did ... I do.

It meant so much to walk into the waiting room to see him talking with the school officials, acting on my behalf.

Then he took the girls home and fed them lunch and took them to school.

Most importantly he was just there to support me when I needed him. Knowing that he was there helped to keep me strong. I knew I would have a place to fall if I needed to.

Life is hard when you are alone. It's so much easier when you have someone strong there with you.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he's MY Rock!

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