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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Crusoe just ran a mile without stopping ...

and so did I.

"So?", you are thinking ... "I run two miles every day", or "I just finished my first 5K", or "I am training for a marathon."

But for me ... that one mile is huge!

I'm not a runner. In fact, when I see people running I wonder why in the world they do it because they look like they are miserable!

A month or so ago, while walking and being drug by Crusoe who wanted to run, I set out in a jog. After a short period of time I had to quit running and resume walking. But, he kept dragging so I started jogging again. Again, I had to quit after a short time.

Then I started hearing all about the benefits of interval walking/running. The big loop around our subdivision is 1.8 miles, and there are lots of stop signs. So, I started what I called "Street-to-Street Interval Running." I walked to the first stop sign, then ran to the next one, then walked to the next one, then ran to the next one, and so on.

One day last week I realized I wasn't really tired at the "walking" stop sign, so I kept running to the following one. I did that kind of thing for a day or two.

Then yesterday I kept going until I had run just under a half mile. And I really wasn't even winded. I stopped there because Crusoe had to poop.

So, while taking the kids to school, I measured how far a half mile was and decided that this morning I would run that half mile without walking.

You know what? I felt so good as I was approaching the half mile that I decided to just Go for it and turn around and run the half mile back to make it a full mile.

You all were my inspiration because I so badly wanted to be able to say today that I had just run a full mile.

In fact, with just about 50 feet left to go, Crusoe tried to stop to poop. I pulled him and told him "No way!" because I wanted a legitimate one mile.

Back when I started realizing that running was getting a tad easier, I started thinking about the possibility of running a 5K. I don't have lofty goals. My goal is to run one around my 40th birthday, and that's not until the end of next summer. But, that gives me a little over a year to work myself up to running our big block twice, which would be 3.6 miles.

This really is a big deal for me. When I was in high school all of the track coaches told me I had a runner's body. I wasn't very fast, so they wanted me to run long distance. But, Yuck!! I really wasn't into sweating. And, hello, it was the 80's ... my bangs would have never survived! And I had some shin problems, so it was actually painful. To be pushing 40 and realize a new love (well, that's a strong word ... maybe like) for running, makes me feel great. Plus the one place I really feel it is in my butt, which is my area I'd like to get firmed up (wouldn't we all?)

If you want to do something like this, you don't need a class or a personal trainer. Just start small. Run a little further than is comfortable for you each day. And, increase it as you can. If I can do this, anyone can, believe me!

Oh, and I plan to do this thing while looking like I am enjoying it (when really, that's a stretch!)

The difference between the unattainable and the attainable lies in a person's determination.


  1. Way to go! I love running! I don't have any urge to go long-distances. Just a few miles makes me happy. I remember how accomplished I felt when I was able to run my first mile. The 5K will be easy training!

  2. Thank you for this motivation. I was just telling myself, that I need to loose some weight & get in shape. I am sooo mad at myself. I lost 24 lbs, only to gain 19 back. Ughhh. But, I am actually starting tomorrow are my exercising. I started eating healthier about a week & half ago. I have to wait until tomorrow because we will be at ball games all day then we are going out tonight.
    Anyway, thanks again for the motivation. And you go girl!!!


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