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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Work it Out

We are members of our local YMCA. They have everything you can ask for, from a fitness perspective. I am more of an early morning workout person and like to go to fitness classes. Rick is more of an evening workout person and likes to go work out with weights, the bike and treadmill.

We get gung ho at times. And then at times we get burned out.

We are both burned out right now. There's no enthusiasm. So if we have any little excuse (and I have four furry ones right now), we don't go.

So, that's such a waste of money! It costs over $70 a month for us to be members of the Y.

When I was a kid, my mom exercised at home to Bodies in Motion with Gilad. As an adult, I picked up a desire to exercise to his t.v. show, as well. And he also has a show called Total Body Sculpt.

I am not overweight, but mostly workout to keep my arthritic joints lubricated and to stay toned. Now that I am burned out with going to the Y at five in the morning, I have turned back to my old reliable, Gilad. And I also love to walk in the mornings, when it gets a little warmer. Now that we have Crusoe, who needs the exercise, I'll have a morning walking buddy. (I took him for the first time yesterday afternoon and we both enjoyed it!)

I love doing these two things and I feel good when I do them.

If you have FitTV, you can find Gilad's shows on it. They are on various times throughout the day. But, with the invention of DVR, you can record his shows and do the workouts on your own schedule!

Check your local listings for times.

FitTV also has many other types of exercise shows on it. If Gilad's not for you, pick another one.

But, get fit. Work out a little, at least a few times a week. You'll feel better because of it.

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