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Monday, February 8, 2010

Backing of the President ~ Guest Post

Today we have a guest on my blog. I have never had a guest post before, so I am honored to do it! Our guest blogger is a man I love more than anyone this side of Heaven, my husband Rick.

Rick sent me the body of this blog post in an e-mail this morning and asked me to post it.

Here it is. Let me just say, I am completely humbled.

With most things in our household, and this blog, Nicole is at the forefront gloating on her family which doesn’t really give the rest of us a chance to say 'thank you' or brag ourselves about her. The details of the current circumstance don’t need to be known for me to tell everyone who reads this blog that Nicole has always stuck by me. I didn’t say she always agreed with me, just stuck by me. I have never had this type of loyalty in my life before and much to Nicole’s anguish, I subconsciously reject it and throw our relationship into an all out frenzy most of the time. Can I tell you I have made mistakes in our nine year marriage (9 this June)? Can I tell you how stupid I have been about so many things personally and professionally? So many mistakes, I often wonder how Nicole comes up with anything to post on Friday’s “My Husband Rocks” entry. Regardless of all that she still stands by me, even to the point where she backs me 100% on decisions I make that affect our entire family. She calls it “the backing of the President”, as if to say “you have complete control to make the decision you feel you need to and I will stand behind you no matter what really happens”.

For me this is a liberating feeling that allows me to not be stressed about issues at work or home. When’s the last time you had “the backing of the President”?

Rick, I love you.

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  1. What an awesome post! So true that we should back our mates, no matter what to have their back. I need to work on that attitude a little more, okay a lot more! Thanks for sharing Rick!


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