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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Supports Me As A Mother

My greatest passion as a mom is helping my kids become who they were created to become, even if that person is not who others (including myself) think they should be. God created each of my children with specific gifts, talents and weaknesses and has purpose designed for them ... not my purpose, not other family members' purpose, not society's purpose, not the legislation's purpose. God's purpose.

But there's that mold that we are taught that our children should fit ... do good in school, be in every extra-curricular activity known to man, be good at some sport, excel in everything! Well, those are not my kids. (And, quite honestly, I'm thrilled!)

I take this mothering thing S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y !!! Maybe too seriously at times. I get very emotional when I feel like I'm not doing "right" by my kids.

I'll be honest. I have been swirling this homeschooling thing around, mostly, just in my head. I research during the day and think about it. But, I haven't discussed it with Rick much. I think I was scared that he would think it was a bad idea. I welcome his opinion because he always provides me with perspective that I need. I have just been secretly afraid he wouldn't be supportive of my ideas because Dawson is his step-son. I was afraid he wouldn't understand how emotional I was about this subject or be able to relate to how emotional I am about his success.

Last night we talked about it, mostly prompted by yesterday's post. And he told me that he thinks I should do it. He was so insightful and supportive. Of course he has the same worries about it that I do. But, he is excited about what this could mean for Dawson and his future.

This is going to take a lot of my time and commitment. In a marriage where we are always trying to put each other first and make time for each other, this could become a conflict to that unless I am very mindful of it. When I get involved in a project I. Get. Involved. But knowing this about the level of commitment it's going to take and also knowing the level of commitment I will put into it, he's still supportive.

When we went to bed last night he said, "I think you've made the right decision."

I can't pull this off without his support. I won't even attempt to do it without his support. I am so thankful for his support.

(Besides, we discussed that I will likely have to start homeschooling Eli once he hits middle school. Although his quirkiness and stuttering and delays are adorable in a kindergarten student, he's likely to face much ridicule and such by that age. Knowing what I know about the brutalness of middle school and then high school in this city, there's no way we will allow our little Boogie Bear to be subject to that. Maybe if we quit calling him Boogie Bear that would help. And, Brynne isn't always going to be there to kick the butt of any kid who makes fun of Eli. This all may be helping me prepare for that in the future.)

I am so thankful that I have Rick's support in the area of me being a mother. What a blessing not to always feel like I have to fight for what I know is right.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he supports me as a mother.

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  1. That is a blessing that you have your husband's support! We want what is best for our kids! I wish you all the best!


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