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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Date 7/52 ~ Courtesy of

Almost a year ago I purchased two $25 gift certificates for two local restaurants through for $2 each. The only conditions are that you go at dinner time and spend a minimum of $35. So, if you spend exactly $35, you will only end up being out of pocket a total of $12 plus 18% tip. That's a cheap date, if you've gone out to eat anytime lately. Heck, we can hardly go to Taco Bell for that!

So, last night Rick and I had Date 7 of 52 and went to dinner at a local asian restaurant with our gift certificate in hand.

I'd like to say we stuck to spending $35 at the restaurant so our bill was only $10 plus tip ... but we didn't. (The cocktails, appetizer, extra sushi and creme brulee might have put us over the top!)

I'd like to say we didn't go shopping after that ... but we did.

We started out at Walmart getting some supplies for a Super Bowl get-together Kyndal is having with some guys from school at our house. And, we have to eat! And we threw in some feminine products and 8 pound weights.

Then we went to Kohl's to look for me a robe and slippers as a gift from Rick for Valentine's Day. No robe and slippers, but I did pick up a couple of cute shirts.

So we headed to Target to look at their selection. Really, grandmas are not the only people who wear robes! There was nothing! So we browsed and picked up a cushion for my kitchen chair, some new dish towels, a toy for Eli that he had been wanting to finish off a collection he has, and two books for me by author Kristin Hannah (my favorite) for Valentine's Day from Rick (since the robe and slippers idea isn't going to work).

Eating dinner in a nice restaurant is yummy.

But the conversation at the restaurant with a great friend and companion is even more fulfulling.

Shopping and spending money is fun.

Holding the hand of the one you love while doing it (and using his debit card) is even more fun.

If we don't quit eating out so much, though, we're going to get fat! I guess I'll get to using those 8 pound weights we bought.

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  1. So, do you think the gift certificates were well worth it? Did you enjoy the food?


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