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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Rainbow Brite Returns

Do you remember Rainbow Brite from the '80s? Without revealing my age, I remember all too well!

Well, she's back and spunkier than ever! Of course they have revamped her to live up to today's visions of a hero to young girls. But she's still fun and still full of light and life!

You can go here to view some short movies and learn more information about the new Rainbow Brite and her friends.

Brynne had the opportunity to play The Rainbow Brite Adventure Pack computer cd, and she has loved it! The theme song is really fun and the games are great! It's my understanding that the new dolls are for sale at Target and Toys R Us, as well. I received a total of 10 cds, so that I could share them, and I gave them to Eli's teacher at school to put in her treasure box so some lucky kindergarten girls could be introduced to this fun character!

If your daughter is looking for some color in her life, check out Rainbow Brite. She will be delightfully surprised!

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  1. I saw the doll at Target and almost bought it for Lexie while we were shopping for her birthday gifts. I had Rainbow Brite as a child, and I just may have to go back and buy it for her!


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