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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Test Results

(These are not my breasts, but a stock photo from the Mayo Clinic.)

When you find a lump, or when you are told by a physician that a lump has been found, it's scary. Even though you are pretty sure it's nothing, it's scary. Even though the breast surgeon tells you at your examination that it appears to be nothing, it's scary. And when you are having a mammogram and an ultrasound to determine whether your lump is cancerous, it's scary.

I am happy to report that the lump (actually two lumps) found in my right breast appear to be benign cysts. I have an appointment with the breast surgeon again tomorrow to go over the results and determine what, if anything, we will do about them.

If you have been praying for me, thank you!


  1. whoo hoo party at nicoles house! I'm so happy for your great news!

    I've been praying hard for you to get good news on your test,

    thanks for letting us know!

  2. I'm so glad to hear that you got good news!

  3. I've been "swamped" and have only got to check your blog every few days....I'm sure you STILL remember the whirlwind of this office!

    I'm THRILLED that your results came back in your favor....the waiting is by far the worst.

    Thinking of you in Missouri!


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