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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Crafting

When I am cooking, I am constantly wiping my hands on a hand towel. I also wash my hands a million times and dry them on the towel. The problem is that the towel always seems to be on the other side of the kitchen, so I drip water or other things across the floor trying to get to my towel. Or, I grab another one and end up using about four of them in one cooking session.

I saw the cutest no-sew apron idea on someone's blog, and I can't remember who! Since I had just bought some new hand towels, that hadn't been used yet, I ran to Hobby Lobby to buy some coordinating ribbon. I made two aprons on Sunday.

It was so easy!

I just used one hand towel, coordinating ribbon and some iron-on hem tape. They turned out really cute! And, I used one for the first time on Valentine's Day. What a handy thing to have!

These would also make great gifts!

I've always said that I want to be a granny someday who always has on an apron. I want my grandkids to talk about which apron they think I will be wearing that day. I have a Christmas one my mom gave me. And now I have these two. I can't wait to buy seasonal hand towels and other cute ones and make fun aprons to use!


  1. Those are so very cute. I love them!

  2. Love this!! I usually throw a towel over my shoulder when I cook since I do the same thing with washing my hands a million times and always searching for a towel!!


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