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Monday, February 1, 2010

We've Officially Lost It!

As my dad would so eloquently put it, "We have lost our sh*t-stained minds!"

Last night at 7:00 p.m., a posting popped up on CraigsList for a 2-month old Australian Shepard puppy.

At 8:30 p.m. Crusoe walked (or barreled) in our door.

He is beautiful! and Dawson is thrilled!

Dawson has always wanted this type of dog to pal around with. It's going to take a lot of work on his part, but I think he's up for it!

But he's a very big puppy, especially compared to our little babies, and very energetic! I'm not sure what to do with him!

The little babies play for an hour, then sleep for an hour. They like to sit on your lap at all times, and sleep peacefully with you.

Crusoe .. well, he likes to run and jump! He slept with Dawson last night and did fairly well, from what I understand. But, I've got a house full of four year old little girls today and 3 tiny puppies (and one extremely annoyed 9-year old cat), so he's confined to our upstairs storage room today with a space heater and all his necessities. I'm planning to bring him downstairs for some time with me after I take the girls to school.

I just really hope he's not undecorating my Christmas tree right now.


  1. he is so pretty! don't lose your mind you have a houseful of wildness :)

    hope the cat gets over the uphevel cats don't like change do they! :)

    tell Dawson Congrats and the first year is really rough with that type of breed but they get better and are great companions!

  2. Yes, you have lost your mind!! hahaha!! You are a better mom than I am. FOUR DOGS?? OMG!! I know it's got to be a TON of fun around your house right now!! ENJOY! Can't wait to read about your adventures.

  3. "barreled" you paint some funny images in the head!! Lots of luck and patiences flowing your way.

  4. Wow! Another sure have your hands full then! My boys would love that though...we are still searching Craigslist for our perfect puppy or two. ;o) way! Ha! I'll just listen and watch your adventures with 4.

  5. He is adorable!!!
    But, girl, I think you have lost it!

  6. Oh you are such a better mom than me:) Could you package up some of your patience and send it my way?

  7. I love Crusoe! He looks just like our Australian Shepherd Heidi...I'll have to send you picks! He will love that dog...they are such great dogs and so easy to train! Heidi is a dream! Dawson will surely have himself a pal for life!

    p.s. at least your as crazy as we are with 4 dogs!


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