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Monday, February 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Rick's traveling some this week, my mom's coming for a visit, and we didn't use a couple of things planned for last week. So, here's what were having ...

Monday ~ Meatball subs and chips

Tuesday ~ Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

Wednesday ~ FFY (this usually means mozzarella sticks for Dawson, pizza rolls for the little guys, Kyndal eats at church, and Rick and I eat leftovers or sandwiches or just snack.)

Thursday ~ Spinach turkey noodle bake (the last of the leftover turkey from Christmas ... it's been frozen, of course.)

Friday ~ Frozen pizza for kids. Rick and I have plans to go to dinner with friends.

Saturday (mom's here) ~ Fruit parfaits for lunch, Chicken tortilla soup for dinner

Sunday ~ "Subway" at home, complete with Baked Lays or Doritos and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks, Org Junkie for organizing your weekly menu swap!


  1. Your food sounds yummy. No we didn't get to see the Valentine's Day movie. Well take that back, we were there for 45 minutes but, I couldn't tell you anything about what I saw. It was that loud & crazy.


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