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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Classifies as a Date?

Rick and I had Date 6 of 52 on Saturday.

We went grocery shopping.

Now, that might not seem like much of a date. But we had a very enjoyable day! Especially since we had been trapped in the house after the ice/snow storm. It was nice to get out together!

Grocery shopping has always been my "thing". I like to do it! I often marvel at the husbands and wives that are grocery shopping together and bickering the entire time. I have wondered, "Why do they go together?"

Rick and I don't argue about things like that. And, when you have a hard time sneaking in time together, alone, then even grocery shopping can be a date!

After we got all of our errands done, we went to Red Robin for a late lunch.

That night, when it was time for bed, we imagined we were at a ski lodge. We had waves of snow outside. Out our window you could see the bluff and trees behind our house, covered in snow. And out our bedroom door to the back patio you could see our neighbors' house lights off in the distance glistening against the snow on the ground and the ice on the tree limbs. It was beautiful! We turned out the lights and enjoyed our home ski lodge for a bit. The only way that would have been nicer is if we would have had a hot tub on our back patio to slip into with a cocktail.

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  1. It sounds like a great date. Any time you can spend alone is good! I, too, love grocery shopping. My hubby-not so much!


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