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Friday, February 5, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Flowers

Rick used to buy me flowers from this expensive florist in Tulsa. The bouquets were beautiful and classy! I loved them.

But, as time goes on, not only does the appeal of buying flowers for your sweetie diminish, but so does the appeal of receiving them. At least it does to me.

Why? Although they are beautiful, they are so darned expensive and I can always think of a million things I would rather have with the money! And, I would rather use that money to plant flowers in my flower pots outside when spring comes, so as to enjoy them all year.

But, as a woman, doesn't just the thought of your husband buying you flowers mean as much? It does to me. Receiving a bouquet of flowers from a grocery store bin almost means more to me, because it means Rick was thinking about me during the ordinary days of life.

When we were grocery shopping last weekend, he bought me a bouquet of flowers at Aldi. They were pretty yellowish roses with a burnt red tip. I've always had an affinity for yellow roses. We stood there at the stand of flowers and he said, "Let me try to pick which one I think you would like." I had spotted them instantly. And, those were the ones he chose. He knows me.

He loves me.

And I love him.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he bought me flowers at Aldi.

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  1. yea for your flowers from aldi's our aldi's doesn't have flowers :( they are pretty!


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