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Friday, February 12, 2010

What a Wonderful Day!

Yesterday we were out of school, although I'm not exactly sure why. I think there were parent/teacher conferences on the school calendar, but they held those a couple of evenings instead. So, whatever. We were out of school.

My day started later than it has lately. The puppies sleep in a large closet under our stairs, right next to our bedroom. They have been getting up for the day at about 5:00 a.m., which means so have I. But yesterday they slept until 6:45 a.m.!!

While they played I drank coffee and got caught up on my blog reading and e-mails. I actually do this every morning, but usually I have a deadline when I have to stop because I need to get kids up and ready for school, lunches made, etc.

But yesterday, I didn't have any of that to do. I watched the sun come up and even noticed that the sun was peeking through the clouds!

I was actually excited that I had nothing planned for the day, except to clean my very dirty house. And it was the first day I was home all day, with only my kids and nobody else's to take care of.

So I took advantage of my day and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. And it felt great! I felt such a sense of accomplishment!

The kids just played all day. Brynne actually spent most of the day in her bedroom watching movies and eating her Valentine candy. Dawson and his friend went to the movies and then he had another friend over in the afternoon. Kyndal is gone for the weekend.

I have been thrilled with the progress of the puppies. We had one day this week where I swear I was cleaning up pee every three minutes. But, all of a sudden they are doing much better! Crusoe is pretty much trained. He can hold it for a long time and when he needs to go he starts sniffing around doors. The little puppies are actually going to their potty pad by the back door to potty quite often and are now able to hold it so much longer than they used to. All four of them play really well together, and now that the little puppies are a little bigger I don't have to worry about Crusoe hurting them. (He is a really good dog!) They are all sleeping all night, but still just getting up early in the morning. But that's okay. I'm a morning person anyway.

(Although last night, after the Olympics, Rick sent me to bed and shut the door. Unbeknown to me, because I was so zonked out, he slept on the couch all night and got up with the puppies this morning at 5:30 so I could sleep in. I got up at 7:30 and sent him to bed. Thanks, honey, I needed that!)

Today we are just going to hang out. I'm going to run into town to do some Valentine errands and get my nails done. But that's about it. The house is clean so I don't really have anything I need to do today! Maybe I'll read for a bit.

We rented Up from Redbox to watch tonight and I'm going to pick up a pizza for a dinner treat. Then Rick and I will probably sit together and watch the Olympics.

What have you been up to? And do you have fun plans for Valentine's Day?

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  1. Don't you just love those weekend, where you really don't have a lot going on and you can actually relax? I am having one of them as well, this weekend. LOVE IT!!!
    Hope you have a good Valentine's Day!!!


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