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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine Parties

Today were Eli and Brynne's Valentine's parties at school.

At the last minute, I took on planning Eli's party. (These are some of the benefits of having older kids. I can draw from past parties I have done for them.)

We did a pencil topper craft.

Eli gave his to Brynne.

We played a couple of games: a red pillow relay race (supposed to use heart pillows, but I was in a pinch) and Heartstrings (where you hide a construction paper heart with a tail attached to it. The only thing showing is the tail. Once the students find it they go back to their seats.)

We had an ice cream sundae party.

And then we ended the day exchanging our Valentines. These are what Eli gave ... toilet paper rolls wrapped in tissue paper. The boys' had a truck stamp and hershey kisses inside. The girls' had a bracelet and a candy necklace. I make these every year.

I slipped out during the ice cream party to go to Brynne's party down the hall. At their party they just ate and ate and ate!

Here I am with my wee little Valentines. I love them so!


  1. LOL! Great minds think alike!! How funny!

  2. I love the party pictures. Those Valentines are awesome-what a great idea!
    The last picture of you with your kids is frame-worthy!


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