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Thursday, February 18, 2010

God Even Uses Toasters To Do His Will

A few weeks ago I did what I do every morning ... I popped Eli's frozen waffle into the toaster. It popped up only seconds later. I adjusted the toasting knob and put it back in. It ran through the full two minute cycle and then popped up. But, the waffle wasn't toasted. I tried the other set (it's a four-slot toaster). Still same, general problem.

That night Rick was going to get his hair cut at the little salon inside Walmart. He called and asked if I needed anything. I told him about the toaster and asked him to just pick up the cheapest one he could find, just in case ours was on the outs.

And this is what happened.

He put his name on the list at the hair salon. He was three or four down on the list so the girl told him he could go ahead and do his shopping. He went and bought a $7.00 toaster and picked up a couple of other things and paid.

When he got back to the hair salon his name was already crossed off. They had called his name while he was gone. She told him it would only be a couple of minutes, so he hung around and got his hair cut. When he was done he paid and walked out the door.

While walking out he ran into a guy who we used to go to church with. I actually never met him. But, Rick knew him from men's Bible study. He asked him how he was doing and how work was going. The guy told Rick how busy they had been. Through the course of the conversation Rick mentioned that I had a law degree. The guy's face lit up. And this is why.

This guy works for a consulting firm that outsources professionals to write curriculum and teach online courses at Christian universities, Bible colleges and small colleges (like University of Phoenix). He told Rick how much he needs professionals with legal degrees to teach law-related courses. He took down my name and e-mail address. And Rick called me and told me what happened. I was intrigued, but honestly never thought anything would come out of it.

The very next morning I had an e-mail from this guy. I sent him my resume. And the process began.

Although there are not any classes available at this time, I was told even as early as yesterday that my credentials are great and I will be added to the "faculty ranks" of these universities. As soon as a class opens up that I can teach, I'll get the job.

Seriously???!!! It's my dream job! I will get to work from home. I will get to write. I will get to teach. I will be available for my kids when they need me. I will still get to volunteer at school. And I'll get paid!!

When I got out of law school I always said I wanted to practice for a few years and then maybe teach. But, teaching at the university level is difficult unless you want to get your Ph.D. and get published and various other things (which I don't). I thought it was a dream that died.

My kids will all be in school full time next year, and I have really been considering what I will do. I just don't think I am the type of woman who can sit at home all day. As much as I love to be at home, I really love to serve people and provide for people. I'm not one to take a lot of time for myself, and feel fulfilled.

I had looked into getting my teaching certificate to teach elementary school. But, the budget it so poor in our area that even the teachers we have are in danger of losing their jobs. I looked into maybe being a teacher's assistant next year. But, those same budget issues are probably going to eliminate the assistant teacher positions. And I thought about subbing, but it will be difficult to get my own kids to school and then get to a school to teach.

All of the doors just seemed to be closing on this.

And then God took over.

You see, had my toaster not been pooping out, Rick would have been standing there when his name was called at the hair salon. He would have gotten his haircut sooner than he did. And he would have left Walmart sooner than he did. He would never have run into this guy. And we don't go to our old church anymore, so we would have never known about this opportunity.

Why is my post titled "God Even Uses Toasters To Do His Will?" Because ... the next morning my existing toaster worked fine and it's never had a problem since.

Hmmmmm .....


  1. Oh Nicole....That is wonderful news! God does work in mysterious ways sometimes, huh? I hope it is everything you have hoped for and more :)

  2. Wow..that story gave me goosebumps...God is amazing and so wants to bless you.

  3. When you have the opportunity to meet these folks, be sure to put on a red coat....I know from experience that they won't be able to resist you!!!!


  4. So happy for you! What an awesome God! =)

  5. That is awesome! Now every time you use that toaster you will remember what he has done for you thru it!! COol!!!

  6. That sounds like a dream job! It sounds like everything happened for a reason.
    My toaster recently stopped working, but my shopping trip to buy a new one was uneventful!
    Good luck to you!

  7. I love it when you can see God working like that!


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