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Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

After our big night Friday night, I was in bed most of the day Saturday with the worst cold I have had in years. I felt really, really bad. My mom and niece came for a visit that night and left this morning. I was feeling quite a bit better yesterday, so we went and did some shopping and I cooked meals for us. Today, I'm feeling yucky again (I think I overdid it yesterday) and it's back to being frigid cold here.

So that means ... a crock pot dinner! I'm doing my favorite thing this week and using a whole chicken to make three cozy meals.

Monday ~ Crock pot roast chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, pasta and a veggie
(** Recipe for rub to roast chicken ... SO GOOD!!)

Tuesday ~ IHOP Free short stacks!! (click to check it out!)

Wednesday ~ FFY

Thursday ~ Jalapeno chicken enchiladas

Friday ~ Spinach turkey noodle bake (we still haven't gotten to this)

Saturday ~ "Subway at home" (this either)

Sunday ~ Chicken and noodles

For more meal plans go see The Org Junkie.


  1. I don't need to meal plan I should just drive up to OK and eat with you this week. Your menu sounds so good!

  2. I love using the crockpot, use it alot in the summer between salad days and crockpot days i don't heat up the house.

    hope you get to feeling better soon

  3. Thanks for the prayers & I will pray that you start feeling better soon.
    I too laid around, all day on Sun. Sat. evening, I almost black out twice. Come to find out, I am alleric to my meds for my bladder issue. So, I am off of them & will be starting a different med next Mon. Wish me luck on that one.
    Talk to ya soon.

  4. Could you post the crockpot roast chicken recipe? It sounds delicious!


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