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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... the sun is shining and it almost looks like a Spring day.

I am thinking... about selling our home and where that will take us.

I am thankful ... that I have come to a place in my life where it doesn't matter to me what other people think, as long as my family is happy and doing what we feel is right.

I am wearing... my black velour running pants, a gray thermal long-sleeved shirt layered with a red "Strength" cross t-shirt and my Nike's.

I am remembering... how much I loved gathering around the television at night with my family when I was a kid, and how I love doing the same thing with my family now.

I am creating... nothing specific, but I am always creating something! This weekend it was no-sew aprons, Eli's "All About Me" poster for school and Valentine memories. Who knows what this week will bring!

I am going... to come home this afternoon, after taking Brynne to school, and lay down because I am feeling under the weather today.

I am reading... Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore and Going in Circles by Pamela Ribon (it's part of an All You book club I signed up for). I'm planning to finish one of them this week.

I am hoping... that exciting things happen for Rick and I and our family this year.

On my mind... are the promises of "new" that spring brings.

From the learning rooms... after a four-day weekend from school, we are back at it this week.

Pondering these words ...

From the kitchen... see my menu plan here. Tonight it's tomato soup and grilled cheese.

Around the house... are puppies, puppies everywhere!

One of my favorite things... is serving and giving to my family.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today I'm just taking it easy since I don't feel well, and Rick is on a business trip so the kids and I will just hang out and watch t.v. tonight. We have much of the same tomorrow, although I'll start cleaning the house more intently. We are showing the house on either Thursday or Friday to a very interested couple. I'll work up at the school on one afternoon, and then I'm going to go read Eli's favorite book to his class since he's Student of the Week this week. My mom is coming this weekend for a visit.

From my picture journal.

This is where Clifford now spends the majority of his time. Now that Crusoe has chased him through the house making him feel as though he is running for his life, he thinks this is the only place he is safe. But yesterday Crusoe got swiped in the nose by the neighbor's cat. Maybe he'll leave Clifford alone now.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon!

    good luck on the house showing!!!

    My cat did the same thing all the time!! must be a cat thing!

  2. Hey Nicole, I hope you get to feeling better soon. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sound perfect for when you don't feel good.

    What a cute picture. Looks like Clifford feels safe there.

    Good luck with showing your house this week. Have a great day.


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