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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... It is pitch-black dark and humid! But, it's only supposed to be a high of 89 degrees today. Break out the jeans and sweaters!!! It's also a full moon outside and at 1 a.m., when I was taking a dog potty, it was so light in our backyard! It was weird!

I am thinking... about how I need to adjust my schedule so I am not a zombie by 6 p.m. every night. I tend to over-do it in the area of scheduling, and try to fit too much into my day, and then I crash and burn. The problem with this is that the only person getting any good part of me is Dawson because he is here all day. (And Rick was afraid that would happen.) And I am very passionate about teaching him so am giving it 168% all day. But I don't want the other four members of my family to get the exhausted me when they finally come home. I'm not exactly sure what to do about that except practice some mind-over-matter and will myself to keep my energy level up until bed time.

I am thankful ... that everyone is enjoying school!

I am wearing... my running clothes.

I am planning... the remainder of Brynne's birthday party that is this weekend.

I am creating... a poster for school announcing the Fall Craft Party for kindergarten and first grade, that's in November (gotta start getting parents on-board early and we have parent meetings this week) and paper chef hats for Brynne's party.

I am going... to have a slightly more low-key day today, because I don't have to run Kyndal around all day today (she has a friend who just got her license ... mixed feelings!)

I am reading... Shadow Dance, by Julie Garwood. I haven't read at all this week, and I want to.

I am hoping... that Little Miss Brynne does good being the first Calendar helper of the year in kindergarten today.

On my mind... is a blogging friend whose marriage is in real trouble.

From the learning rooms... Kyndal is on top of school so far and I am very proud of her! She did get a couple of classes switched, that she is hoping will help her out some. Dawson is really surprising me with his attitude and quality of work in homeschooling. Check out Journey to Excellence to see what all he is doing. I was told by Eli's school counselor that she is just so amazed at how mature Eli is this year and so accepting of school. He did his first homework last night. And Brynne is ruling kindergarten. She knew how to spell "Red" yesterday and got chosen to be the first Calendar helper which is a big deal! All the kids are doing so great!

Noticing that ... Having teenagers isn't so bad .. at least having mine.

From the kitchen... Goulash, subs and kabobs on the menu.

Around the house... This house needs cleaned like someone's mama is coming for a visit. Oh, yeah, mine is this weekend! Better get busy!

One of my favorite things... is the wave of silence that comes over the house when the last of the kids goes to bed. Ahhhhh .....

A few plans for the rest of the week... Tonight is the kindergarten parent meeting. Tomorrow the older kids have youth groups. On Thursday Dawson and I will volunteer at Eli and Brynne's school and then that night is the first grade parent meeting. On Friday Dawson has a get-t0gether to attend (which has become so important for him to do). My mom and niece are coming on Saturday morning and Brynne's 5th birthday party is that day!! Check back for the cute party ideas! My week mostly consists of schooling Dawson, cleaning the house, getting ready for Brynne's party and running the kids around. I'll be ready for Sunday and some relaxation!

From my picture journal.

Just after riding the bus for the first time! It was fun!

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