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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I had a dream last night ...

and it was horrifying!

I dreamed that Rick and I were getting ready to renew our vows. I had asked a friend of ours to stand up with me. We were getting ready and she bailed on me because she said she found out her cat had been hit by a car. I was upset but started curling my own hair. Big chunks of it fell out.

When I walked out into the sanctuary of the church, everybody was staring at me like "they knew something".

Come to find out, that friend had been having an affair with Rick.

Then they both got bold about it! I immediately filed for divorce (like a minute later he had the papers in his hands). I couldn't get her to leave the courtroom during the proceedings. She wouldn't leave. And Rick was so mean to me, yelling at me.

I was sobbing so hard I couldn't breathe. I was trying to get the kids loaded up in the car so we could leave. But the woman was there taunting me. And Rick didn't care about me anymore.

My alarm went off at 5:15 a.m. so I could go run, and I just couldn't do it. All I wanted to do was go back to sleep and put some distance between me and that dream.

When I was taking Kyndal to her friend's this morning, all the talk on the radio was the divorce of Tiger Woods and Elin. The discussion on one station was about whose fault it was. One DJ said that Tiger has accepted 100% responsibility. But the other DJ said that "nothing comes between happy couples", that Elin had at least a small percentage of responsibility for his affair in that she wasn't providing him with some kind of need. There was much debate about that. I tend to agree with the second DJ. I know there are exceptions (like sexual addictions, etc.), but I've always been under the opinion that affairs are not the cause of divorce, but that affairs are the result of other problems in the marriage. {I don't presume to blame Elin. Tiger had a choice.}

And then a couple of my favorite blogs are discussing some of these topics.

And I have mentioned on my own blog in the last couple of days how I feel, I know, I have been neglecting Rick because of my busyness.

This is heavy on my heart today. We need to take care of our spouses. When I am hearing the same thing from various sources I always perk up and pay attention! I know that it is God speaking to me, wherever I am at (in the car, sleeping, reading blogs ... cause He knows that's where I'm choosing to spend my time), trying to get my attention.

Father, I hear you!


  1. Hey Nicole,
    I hate dreams that seem so real. I've been known to laugh out loud and cry during my dreams. It is so awesome that Rick is letting you know that the dream is not real!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend together!

  2. I've had my share of dreams like that and they always seem so real and vivid to me. I know it can be a scary feeling when you wake up. I'm glad it was just a dream. I know all married couples have their issues, but from what I've read here it sounds like you and Rick have a really strong marriage and are commited to keeping it that way. I wish you continued happiness!


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