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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another Kyndal Update

While Kyndal relaxes in Gulf Shores, Alabama, with her best friend, I thought I would give another update about her post-accident condition.

A couple of weeks ago she underwent a couple of MRI's and a CT scan to verify whether a questionable spot in her C1/C2 was fractured. This was a crucial thing to determine because she has desperately been needing physical therapy in her back and neck, but she was unable to receive any unless we were certain that there was no fracture. That meant she has been in pain during this whole time.

Thankfully there was no fracture or other direct problems with her spine. Her injuries resulted in a cervical and thoracic strain. She was ordered to six weeks of physical therapy, three times a week.

They wanted to get her in once before she left for Alabama. The therapist couldn't believe how tight her back muscles were. They were so bad that she wanted her back for another session before she left. The therapy leaves her hurting pretty badly in the evening following it.

The therapist asked her what her back felt like, and she said that she feels like she needs to pop it. The therapist told her that there was no way she could pop it. Her muscles are in "defense mode" doing everything they can to protect her spine.

We are hopeful that after her six weeks of therapy she will be pain free. She is thankful that she has been released to resume some normal activities. She has been completely sedentary all summer.


  1. Thank God everything is alright. My oldest will be 16 in November also and I get real panicky to think about what could happen. I try to focus on speaking faith, but it's hard, especially when it could be someone elses bad decision! I'll probably end up one of those control- freak moms ☺
    Good luck with therapy. It's amazing to me how our bodies handle things! Hopefully in time it'll be back to normal.

  2. hope her back gets better soon and all her pain is over. hope the heat isn't to bad in alabama ( i grew up not to far from there in the panhandle of florida) it's pretty down there.

    Bet she is having a blast!

    is today Brynnes bday?

  3. So glad there's no fractures! PTL for that! Hope she gets some relief soon!


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