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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nicole's Daybook ~ Back to School

Outside my window... It is raining! Yay!!!!!!!!!! And the last couple of days it has been in the low 90's. It's felt like 75 degrees after the 100+ degrees for the past couple of weeks (unfortunately that's returning at the end of this week.) Dead leaves at this moment are just flying out of the trees with all of the hard rain hitting them.

I am thinking... about how these kids need. to. go. to. school.

I am thankful ... that my sister and niece were able to come for a visit this past weekend. My sister and I were not close until the last seven or eight years and I love having a sister to talk to and be close with.

I am wearing... my jammies. It's the last day of summer break and we all slept in and are being lazy until this afternoon.

I am planning... the first couple of weeks of Dawson's lesson plans and gathering supplies for the projects we'll be doing. It's going to be a great first two weeks!

I am creating... the invitations for Brynne's birthday party.

I am going... to take the little kids to their school today to drop off their supplies and "meet" their teachers. Eli's 1st grade teacher was Dawson's kindergarten teacher. And Brynne's kindergarten teacher was Eli's teacher last year.

I am reading... Shadow Dance, by Julie Garwood. My friend Tamara texted me and says she owns The Pillars of the Earth so I can borrow it from her and finish it.

I am hoping... that all the kids have a great first day of school!

On my mind... is what a great summer I have had .. first with an amazing vacation with Rick and then in the day-to-day activities with the kids. I think everyone enjoyed their summer and now we are ready for another school year.

From the learning rooms... oh my gosh ... it's tomorrow! And we will officially have a learning room at home. I am nervous but excited! After planning Dawson's first two weeks of school, I am sure this is going to be an awesome year for us! And Kyndal has already read 175 pages of her first book for AR (Accelerated Reading). You have NO IDEA what an accomplishment that is! I am so proud of her! And I can't believe my little two will both be in school all day. This is going to be such a different year for us. But I am hopeful and optimistic.

Noticing that ... My older two kids are great kids.

From the kitchen... We are having a busy week this week, and daddy will be gone this weekend. It would be easy for us to eat fast food a lot this week. Instead, we are having fast food at home ... simulating Chick-fil-a, Subway and Mazzio's. It will be cheaper and better for us!

Around the house... are the remnants of the end of summer. I cannot wait to have a picked up house all day (starting tomorrow) and to actually have a schedule that allows me to clean it on a regular basis.

One of my favorite things... is the start of a new school year. I loved it when I was in school (elementary, high school, law school) and love it now that my kids are in it. I always want the first day of a school year to be memorable to my kids and for them to feel a fresh start on it. I always did and always do.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today I am taking the little kids to their school to drop off their supplies and see their teachers. Then Dawson and I are hoping to be able to stop by and see his Spanish teacher from 6th grade so we can check out some materials for this school year. Tomorrow is the first day of school!!! Kyndal also has physical therapy on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday night Dawson and I are going to Tulsa to go back to the mummy exhibit at Philbrook Museum because there is a CSI expert giving a presentation and we get to make amulets. On Friday I have my *ahem* doctor's appointment. This weekend Rick is playing in a golf tournament on Saturday and Sunday. So, the kids and I are going to recuperate from our first week of school. We'll also do some grocery shopping. Kyndal may go to her dad's lakehouse for the weekend.

From my picture journal.

This picture was taken at the Science Museum Oklahoma in the aviation exhibit. I said, "Wow .. look at those bullets!" Eli said, "Those aren't bullets, they're pencils!"

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