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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... Yeah, 107 degrees yesterday, actual temperature. No idea what the heat index was. And, it's not going to get any cooler this week.

I am thinking... about how with all of the end-of-summer craziness and exhaustion that I have let Rick slip to the bottom of my priority list, and that it's time to do something about it.

I am thankful ... that Kyndal had an opportunity to go on vacation with her friend for some beach relaxation this week.

I am wearing... sweat drenched running clothes. Don't mind the sweat. Could do without the drench.

I am planning... the details of our mini-vacation that starts tomorrow.

I am creating... piles of school supplies and Dawson's lesson plans for the first three weeks of school.

I am going... to get up and get busy in a minute because I have lots to do today!

I am reading... Shadow Dance, by Julie Garwood. I had to return The Pillars of the Earth to the library because I had only gotten through 300 of the 1,000 pages and there is now a hold list for that book so I couldn't recheck it. I am now back on the hold list so I can hopefully finish it after school starts. Hope I don't forget what happened.

I am hoping... that the temps around here start to drop soon!

On my mind... is how a new school year always brings feelings of hope and new beginnings, even to the kids. It's always nice to see everyone rejuvenated and ready to start on their new goals.

From the learning rooms... one week and one day until school officially starts!

Noticing that ... I am very grouchy and agitated and testy! I know it's because it's way too hot and I need a during-the-day break from {most of} my kids and I need some days where I am not picking up all day, etc., etc., etc.

From the kitchen... I have found myself at the top of my desired weight chart, so I am back to watching Weight Watchers points.

Around the house... sun-scorched leaves are falling off of trees (it almost looks like Fall is here early), my flowers are needing to be watered twice a day to keep from withering and our Oklahoma-hardy bushes are crispy like they have been residing in the desert.

One of my favorite things... is sitting on the couch at the end of the day.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Today I am cleaning house and getting us packed to go on our mini-vacation tomorrow and am going to get Kyndal's schedule from school. Tomorrow morning the kids and I are driving to Oklahoma City to go to the Science Museum and then are spending the night in a hotel {Eli and Brynne's idea of the best vacation}. Then on Thursday we are getting up and going to White Water Bay all day. On Friday we are recuperating. On Saturday my sister and niece are coming for a visit and Kyndal gets home from Alabama. On Sunday we are going shopping at the mall. On Monday Kyndal starts her three-times-a-week physical therapy and my sister and niece will leave in the evening.

From my picture journal.

Bring back the mullet!

Dawson got his uber-shaggy hair cut this week. His funny hairdresser cut it into a mullet before she finished it off. We were laughing and making fun when in walked a man with a real mullet! Funny!


  1. have fun and stay cool on vacation :) that is neat that you and the kids are going off on vacation.

    my oldest starts 4th grade next tuesday.

  2. Understand the sweat-drenched grossness! I just rang out my clothes from my run - gross! The temp is lower here in NE but I think the heat index is about the same ~ 115+ this week. Stay cool!


  3. That picture is cracking me up!
    It's been hot here, too. Not in the 100's, but in the high 90's. That's bad enough! It's finally cooling down a bit...we're back in the 80's! ;)


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