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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... It. is. miserable!!! The heat index has been around 115 degrees for the past few days, and won't be letting up. I know that it's hot in a lot of places. But until you have experienced this heat in Oklahoma, I'm not sure you can say you have.

I am thinking... about how I am sure my former best friend looks at me and sees the changes in me as negative and how I feel the same way about the changes in her.

I am thankful ... that I have my family. Without them, I am nothing.

I am wearing... sweat drenched running clothes.

I am planning... a possible get-together for all of the new kindergarten girls in our neighborhood (at least 6 or 7 that I know of), Brynne's birthday party, a mini-vacation next week with the kids, activities for the last two weeks of summer and our school room decorations.

I am creating... lists and ideas for the above activities.

I am going... to enjoy the rest of the summer with my kids. It's almost over! Then I'm going to enjoy the fact that it's over and that I get my routine back!!!!

I am reading... The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett.

I am hoping... that, as usual, Rick gets a fulfilling opportunity in his career and that any possible move for us, here or away, is easy!

On my mind... is how happy I am that Ali chose Roberto! I called that one on the first night! And, if she decided she didn't want him ... I'd take him off her hands! Glad she let Chris go the day before and didn't drag him through another day of him thinking they were going to be together. Nice guy who didn't deserve that. As much as I didn't like her, I respected her for that!

From the learning rooms... I enroll Eli and Brynne on Thursday. We now have 15 days until school officially starts!

Noticing that ... on your birthday you realize who truly loves you. I am thankful for that.

From the kitchen... I need to get back into actually fixing the healthy meals I plan, and not getting lazy and fixing something easy and fattening! Don't want to start getting the end-of-summer-pre-winter pudge!

Around the house... are bags of school supplies waiting to be divided up, Kyndal's medical bills to be dealt with, enrollment forms to be completed, piles to be disbursed back to their places of origin.

One of my favorite things... is Fall! Please come soon!

A few plans for the rest of the week... We have a busy week this week! Today Kyndal has her first physical therapy appointment. Then we are going to a library exhibit in Tulsa called "Go Figure!" It's based on several books we have checked out and read this summer. Tomorrow Kyndal gets her braces off! BIG DAY for her! On Thursday I enroll Eli and Brynne in school. Nothing planned for Friday, that I know of. On Saturday we are going roller skating to celebrate Brynne's birthday which is on Sunday.

From my picture journal.

The Stealth Bomber flying near my parents' house. It is based at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri and my parents live about 15 minutes from there. It flies over their house daily. I know to some people it is a huge deal to see it. To us, it's commonplace. Still, when it flies over your car when you are driving and it shadows your whole car, it's a little crazy!


  1. I agree with the Oklahoma heat....after spending many summer days there with hubby's family, I believe there's no other heat like it.

    AND ABOVE ALL...a belated Happy Birthday. You will find as you get "longer in the tooth", that you can easily let a special day slip by...even if it's someone you honestly love...and by the way, I love you and that's the truth.

    Stay under the air!!!!!

  2. i use to love going to whitman AFB! :) love the stealth its so pretty flying

    have a great 2 weeks we have a bday party we are planning to its on the 13th~

    hope you have a great week.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Nicole!!


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