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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What You Do On A Snowy Weekend In March

First of all ... enough all ready! It was 72 degrees on Friday and 32 degrees and inches of snow on Saturday.

Anticipating this, Rick and I rented a gob of movies for us and the kids to get us through the weekend.

(Speaking of movies .. have you seen Nights in Rodanthe? Kyndal and I watched it at my parents this past week. I loved it!)

I spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday doing the following:

* Steam cleaning the upstairs carpet ... grody!!!!

* Sending Rick to town to get Drano for the bathtub I clogged upstairs because of all of the gunk I dumped down it dumping out the steam cleaner (oooops ...).

* Making a table runner for our entertainment center. (This was $50 per yard fabric that I bought for $7 a yard. That, plus the trim, made it a $20 table runner. And all I used was hem tape and hot glue.)

* Putting away all of our clothes and things from the mini vacation at my parents'.

* Changing up our planned menu to include a pot of potato soup on a freezing cold, snowy day.

* Taking a break for a real snow cone while wearing jammies you have worn all weekend.

* Completely reorganizing the office supply closet and moving things from my craft cabinet in the garage to the new organization system. (I have wanted a closet that was organized like this for years!)



I love it!

* Cleaning off your office desk so you can actually see the surface of it.



So, basically, I didn't have any fun this weekend. But, I did accomplish a lot!


  1. Looks like you did a great job organizing! I'm spring cleaning and organizing too! It feels really good!

  2. I'd say you did get a lot done. Great job! I can't believe how much snow some states got over the weekend. I was grateful for our 70 degree weather. It's usually us getting that last snowstorm!


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