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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Nicole's Daybook

Outside my window... it is a little cloudy, and still a morning nip in the air, but the weather has been beautiful!

I am thinking... about all of the love I have in my life. How much I love Rick and the kids. How much I love these silly dogs. How much I love the promises that Spring holds and the budding trees and bushes. How much I love the excitement of the changes in our lives. How much I love the idea of teaching Dawson and Kyndal starting to drive and Eli excelling in school and Brynne becoming so smart.

I am thankful ... for the lump sum check I received in the mail yesterday that couldn't have come at a better time!

I am wearing... my jammies, but am getting ready to get dressed for a morning of cleaning, errands and packing for Spring Break.

I am remembering... how unreasonable I thought my parents were when I was a teenager, but how right they really were about most things.

I am creating... thoughts and ideas for my mom's church's Mother Daughter Banquet.

I am going... to get dressed, clean out my car, do some laundry, pick up the house, go get my nails done, get gas, come home and pack, make lists for Rick and Dawson and then drive 4 hours to my parents'.

I am reading... True Colors, by Kristin Hannah.

I am hoping... that the men-folk of my house are able to hold down the fort (and keep the puppies from destroying it) while I am gone for a few days.

On my mind... is how all of the "loss" this past year has all lead to the same result: drawing me closer to my husband and children and reminding me that they are who I want to spend my time with, and giving me ample opportunity to do it.

From the learning rooms... we are on Break!! But Brynne did go through an entire Kindergarten workbook in one day this week already, so I went and bought her 8 more Pre-K and Kindergarten books to do (along with all new supplies: markers, crayons, colored pencils, glue sticks, tape, index cards, sketch pad, school word flashcards).

Pondering these words ... I can do anything with your support, and nothing without it ~ paraphrased from a conversation with my husband (at least, that's what I heard him say.)

From the kitchen... it's all man food this week ~ ramen, frozen burritos, sandwiches, hot pockets, hamburger helper singles, etc. The little guys and I will be eating it up at grandma and papa's!

Around the house... are little messes everywhere that drive me crazy! I hate leaving for a few days with the house looking like this!

One of my favorite things... is my comfy robe.

A few plans for the rest of the week... today the little kids and I are going to Missouri for a few days. Kyndal is already there. We are leaving Rick and Dawson and the puppies here. While in Missouri, I plan to go play cards with my mom and her card group, get my hair done, go to my mom's church group with her, sleep in, be completely lazy, let the kids be completely lazy, and then pack up and come home on Friday. This weekend we have nothing planned. I am sure I will have a house to put back together, and a husband, son and puppies to snuggle with.

From my picture journal.

St. Patrick's Day last year celebrating my grandma's birthday, that is on March 17th.

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  1. Have a great trip! Loved seeing a snapshot of your day!

  2. Wanted to let you know, I am reading my first Kristin Hannah book on your suggestion. I was in a book rut and saw one of her books at Sam's Club the other day and picked it up. I am reading Firefly Lane. Enjoying it so far!! :) Have fun in Windsor!! I was there over the weekend........


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