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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thoughts ~ Part 2

The next set of kids is up and one is off to school. Here are more thoughts I'm having today:

* Why are our "followers" and comments so important to us? Have you ever thought that you really wanted to stop reading a particular blog, but then didn't remove yourself as a follower because you didn't want to hurt that person's feelings? Have you ever had someone stop following your blog and feel offended? Have you ever realized that the person who has stopped following your blog was who you have called your best friend for many years? Yeah.

* When is the last time you wrote an actual letter to someone? I have decided that I am going to start writing a letter to my grandmother once a week, including some pictures of the kids. Letter writing is a lost art with the onslaught of texting and blogging and e-mailing. I think my grandma might appreciate hearing from me this way.

Maybe I'll have more thoughts later. Maybe not.


  1. I wish I knew why it was so important to have followers and comments! But, it is. I'm not sure if it's for our own validation, or just comfort or something else. I know I love to have them both, and I love to leave them for people to, but of course, some days there's just not enough time for me to get to everyone. And that makes me sad! I try not to let it get to me, and most of the time it doesn't.

    Letter writing....what a genuine thing! I miss getting letters. I still try to write them, I know it's not very often, but I do still write. I still order personalized stationary for myself...I think for me, its the deep southern roots that were instilled in me. The "properness" of writing a letter. We should all do it more often! Do you remember the days of having a penpal? I have an idea brewing....look for a post! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I have stopped reading blogs. I have over 100 followers, but most don't comment. That's okay. I have lost blogging 'friends'. I try not to take it personally. I really don't care, because of my purpose for blogging. To have a journal for my scrapbook. If I inspire someone along the way...glory to God. As for my best friends...they DO NOT read my blog. I don't know why? They are busy people...once again, I try not to take it personally. I just don't think they do not understand the whole blog thing... period.

    Don't get me wrong. I love comments! I love my blogging friends! I love to blog. I'm so excited to almost be finished with my first blog book!

    Letter writing...she will LOVE it. I need to do that way more often than I do. I have one living grandmother left. She would love it too!

  3. You have such a way with words. You should write letters even if it is to someone on your blog. I am sure there are relationships like your grandma that are deeper than what you can say in a blog. I think it is a wonderful idea. I think of my mother who passed away 6 years ago and who I still want to talk to, she would have loved a handwritten note. I was not a letter writer and I so regret it. What's worse is I didn't teach my children to write letters or even little notes. I think thank you notes are the best thing you can give a giftgiver or timegiver.


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