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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Money Jar

Have you seen the movie Up!? Super sweet movie!

Carl and Ellie had a dream, so they placed their change into a money jar to save for that dream. Life happened in many ways and they depleted that money time and time again. Ellie passed away without them ever living out their dream together.

For St. Patrick's Day I made Rick a Pot 'o Gold. He came to me {after all of his gold coins were eaten} with the jar and said that he wanted me to make a little sign to put in it that said "Mediterranean Cruise". That's our dream vacation. So, I made the jar and put it in our office, in between our desks.

The jar is not really supposed to be the way we save for the vacation, it's more a symbol of working towards a dream, together. In fact, we go on a nice vacation every year, and our vacation of choice is a cruise. We're going on a Hawaiian cruise this summer. So, money is not really the issue.

The issue is that as a married couple, we have dreams and aspirations of things we want to do together. We should work towards those dreams, together, and then do them! Don't wait too long, and don't let life get in the way.

What dream do you and your husband have? Work towards it together and do it!

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