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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

Its been a whirlwind morning of taking puppies potty (it's pouring here, so this has been a challenge), cleaning up the potty messes I didn't avoid and making breakfast and coffee for two teens and sending them out the door. I now sit for a moment with my laptop and my own coffee, watching all the puppies chew on their rawhide sticks, with fifteen minutes before the next round of kiddos get up.

I am having lots of random thoughts today ... well, this week. So, here goes:

* What can a parent of teenagers expect when they have the following genes to battle ... one parent with a problem with authority (how I would love to blame that one on the other parent) and another parent who only does the minimum in his life to get by. What will become of these two poor kids.

* I am a mother cougar when I feel like my husband is not being appreciated in his workplace. We went to a retirement party for the former owner of his company last night. He was a good man. Unfortunately, he has since sold the company to a big corporation who could care less about their people and Rick is one of those people. How badly I wanted to have "a few words" with many of those executives who were there last night. I stopped drinking whiskey sours just in case they started giving me liquid courage to do just that.

* In 2 1/2 months, Rick and I leave for Hawaii for a week. Wow, I am ready for that!

* I need to get a pedicure. My toes look atrocious!

* Rick and I have fun together no matter what we are doing. We had Date 12 of 52 last night (courtesy of his money-hungry, sorry excuse for a company). We had a wonderful dinner, a couple of cocktails, and {as usual} tons of laughs! He is a funny man!

* Why specifically do you love your spouse? If you were talking to somebody about your spouse, and were telling them what you love about him or her, what would be your specific reasons? Rick and I have been pondering this and talking about it. Sometimes I think we just know we love him or her, and never really think about the reasons why. This little exercise has caused us to have to give more than an answer of, "You complete me." (And, yes, Rick actually said that!)

* I am a terrible texter. I think it's funny that I sent my daughter a text last night that said, "Uhankr" {instead of Thanks} and she immediately responded, "You're welcome."

Well, that's all for now. I'm off to get up Round 2.

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  1. Hey Girl:

    I HEAR you about the puppy trail!!! We only have one new member of our family and I didn't remember how WELL their bodily functions work. Whew!!!!

    Hang in there!!!!!


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