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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He's the Best Girlfriend a Girl Could Have

What qualities do you look for in a best girlfriend? For me, it's someone I trust. It's someone I can vent to, and share my dreams and secrets with, without worrying that she will tell someone else. It's someone I can shop with, and talk about meal planning with, and talk about our favorite shows with, and vent about my kids with. It's someone who knows that I'm perfectly imperfect, but still likes me and wants to hang out with me anyway. It's someone I like to go out to eat with and go to the movies with. It's someone who I can say, "What do you think about this?" and she tells me what she really thinks without making me feel like I'm a loser for asking.

Those are all of the qualities I have looked for in a best girlfriend.

And I haven't found her.

Although, I have found him.

Rick is that perfect girlfriend for me.

I can tell him my dreams and secrets and know that he's not going to tell anybody else. He is the best shopping partner (plus, he pays!), we like to plan our meals together (and even go grocery shopping together). We are constantly watching shows together and talking about them. And, God knows, I can vent about the kids to him. He knows I am imperfect and still wants to spend every waking free moment with me (unless he's on the golf course). He and I love to go out to eat together, and do it often, and like the same kinds of movies. And I can always expect an honest and well-thought-out answer to my questions about what I should do about something.

And there are so many more things in addition to these!

Why are we trained to believe that we must search for a girlfriend to hang out with? I've always struggled with that, and the fact that by doing so it takes time away from my husband and kids .. the ones I really want to hang out with anyway.

I'm done searching for that best friend .. I already have him.

Rick Rocks ~ Because he's the best girlfriend a girl could have.


  1. I've struggled with the girlfriend thing too. I do have a couple of really good friends that I can talk to about anything but I don't live near them (and haven't for years). I do find having another couple to hang out with and be encouraged by is valuable.

  2. I love your Rick Rocks, especially in a society where nearly all of our tv shows depict husbands as idiots. Good for you for lifting him up! What was that website that had something similar to this?


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