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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Break Plans

Today marks the first day of our Spring Break.

We were certainly ready for a break!

Kyndal left right after school to go spend some time with her dad and grandparents in Missouri (and to go on a double date with her boyfriend Kevin and his parents -- she's not allowed to go on dates alone with him yet).

Dawson went to his best friend's lakehouse with their family. He'll be back later today.

Rick and I took the little kids to Chick-fil-a for dinner last night. He and I were able to sit and have a really great talk while they were playing. We talked about how our roles as parents is changing now that we have teenagers. He is such a good encouragement to me in my perception of myself as "mom". He provides me with much-needed balance of thought.

This morning Rick got up and went to play a round of golf. The little kids and I are enjoying a lazy morning in our jammies with the puppies and watching cartoons. Later today we are going to run into town to replenish Brynne's "school teacher" supplies.

Rick and I are hoping to get in a date night tonight. Dinner out with him alone would be so nice, specially since the kids and I are all leaving on Tuesday evening to spend a few days in Missouri with my parents.

We always have such a great time on our Spring Break visit! My grandma's birthday is on St. Patrick's Day, so we always dress in our green and celebrate with her. I'm going to get my hair done (which is WAY overdue), and even go with my mom to play cards with her card group at their local Country Club. My mom is also in a church group that is responsible for the annual Mother/Daughter Banquet this year. She has asked me to help with a theme idea. And, I may even be leading their devotional at the end of the banquet. I would love to do that, and feel honored and privileged to be able to share some of my testimony with my childhood church. We'll be meeting on Wednesday night to make some of those plans.

We usually spend the entire Spring Break in Missouri, but this year we didn't want to leave our puppies for a full week. While Rick is at work they will all have to stay in their rooms. They aren't used to having to do that all day. He's planning to come home for lunch every day to let them out for a bit. We will miss them so much!

I will miss Rick so much, too!

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  1. Have a great time at your parents.
    Did you get a cjamce tp jave a date with your husband before you left?


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