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Friday, March 12, 2010

Rick Rocks ~ Because He Dares to Dream!

Don't fall in love with a dreamer .... Remember that song? I've always been a fan of that song. Mostly, it's because I'm a control freak. I have this little overriding need called stability. So, unless my dreams, or anyone else's, coincide with a guarantee of complete success, they get shot down.

Rick is a dreamer, and I am in love with him.

I strongly drill into the heads of my children that they should have constant consideration for what they are passionate about, and move in that direction when looking for a life career. That's because if they are passionate about it, it will drive them to get out of bed every morning and strive for excellence. And, they will be happy and fulfilled. Money and prestige mean absolutely nothing.

And I want the same for Rick and I, but I also want financial stability, a nice house, a running car, a closet full of fashionable clothes for both me and the kids, and food.

Rick has a real talent in engineering. In fact, I think he is quite revered in his industry. He's good at it, he's respected and he makes a better-than-good income.

But, he doesn't wake up in the morning with a hoot-and-a-holler, ready to take on the world with his engineering skills. He doesn't feel purpose in his career as an engineer, although he {gladly} does it as a way to challenge his mind and provide for his family (both of which I am eternally grateful.)

Rick has a dream. It's always bubbled on the surface. He tries to do something with it, it doesn't go "as planned", so he stuffs it.

And it rises to the surface again.

Rick loves golf.

He is passionate about it.

But, he's not just passionate about playing it (although he loves to). He's also passionate about the technical side of it. In fact, he has often said that he isn't sure he would want to really play on a tour, because he's not sure if he could handle being on the road all the time and away from family.

But he can't get golf out of his blood. And, he just doesn't feel that it's intended to only be an area of recreation for him.

This is where engineering and golf merge. He has been working on an idea for a long time, something that he can turn into a side business (and maybe even a full-time business someday with God's blessing). It's something he can do while still providing for his family in a conventional way. He can take his analytical and technical engineering skills into the field of golf, and provide a valuable service!

And, it's got him excited!

It's got him very excited!

And I am excited for him! I'm glad he hasn't let my fear and lack of ability to dream hold him back from moving forward with something he really, really wants to do. I am so proud of him for stepping outside the box to take something he's passionate about and find a way to mold it into his life. I am excited to see where this leads him!

Rick Rocks ~ Because he dares to dream!

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  1. What a great thing you are doing in supporting Rick! I love your Rick Rock posts! I may have to join this sometime too. I'd love to look back and read posts like this in the book I will be making each year. What a sweet thing you are doing by focusing on the positive in your husband. I love it!


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