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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Amazing Ideas Needed!!!

I have been wanting a bench to put at the foot of our bed. My mom had one that she was planning to sell in a garage sale, so told me I could have it.

The lump in our bed is our cat, Clifford!

But, it's not exactly the style, and definitely not the color, I was looking for. But, it was free, and it looks good where it is.

Here's where I need your creative ideas. Our bedroom is paprika, butternut squash and chocolate brown. We have lots of woods and metals through our whole house. I love copper. What would you do with this bench? I need creative ideas!

I think that recovering it with another fabric will be too much for me because of the lines of the bench. I'm not sure I am talented enough to nip it and tuck it where it would look better than a 4th grade art project.

How would you change the color? Would you add embellishments? What would you do with this bench?

Our style is pretty traditional, but I am certainly open to something fun.

And I know there are many of you who are great at this kind of thing ... Dina, Kendra, others????


  1. You could always put a skirt in a coordinating fabric. It would hide the legs but add another element of fabric and color in the room. Plus you could always add a decorative trim where the fabrics meet.

  2. I love that bench. I too have been wanting one for the foot of my bed. I think it looks great because you have that same color on your pillows. I nice brown throw would look great on it.

  3. I would look for embellishments first. Metal or wood. I would find something to put on/over where the buttons are on each arm. Then I would look for a furniture trim/tacks that you could put along the front seam. Either wood or a coppery metal would work. I used some oil rubbed bronze tacks that I found at Hobby Lobby along the seam of a stool, and it totally popped against the fabric. I don't think it really needs much. The color is great, because it doesn't make everything so uniform. The last touch for me would be to either make or buy 3-4 small square pillows to just throw up there. I would use the bold colors in the bedding. Of course, I'm sure there are better ideas out there!

  4. I LOVE your bedroom. Ok this might make you nervous, but you could paint on the fabric. You could copy the flowers that are on your pillows and paint it on the bench. Just use the other colors that are in the pillows and bedding. You are so crafy you could do it.


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